By: M Sheahan Date: 01 Apr 15

The current crop of rodent traps are like muskets – a pain to load and fire once. The PUTDOWN® trap brings machine gun levels of convenience and efficiency to rodent culling, because it’s designed to kill relentlessly, using no electrical power source and no harmful poisons.

So how does it work?

The trap injects air into the rat’s scull – via the brainstem, through the foramen magnum, and simultaneously pierces the heart, causing brain damage, an air embolism and cardiac arrest.

A pivoted angled syringe and blade ‘spear’ and inject the rodent, only as it travels backwards out of the trap. The movement is powered by the rats own momentum and strength.

The trap is spring loaded, so the syringe and blade springs back into action, once the rat has left the trap, with the syringe taking in fresh air to re-arm itself, for the next rat. We believe we have invented the ultimate rodent culling solution. Get in touch and find out for yourself.