By: M Sheahan Date: 01 Apr 15

The PUTDOWN® trap is an invention by Mark Sheahan, the Inventor in Residence of the British Library. It’s the future of rodent culling technology, combining poison free, power free and automatically re-arms itself, so it can kill rodent pests continually. The device will quickly kill the rats as they leave the trap. The bye-line is ‘’Relentless Killing Action’’.

In the UK, rats are becoming resistant to poisons and with fortnightly waste collections by local Councils, has seen an exponential rise in the rat population; in turn leading to the use of stronger poisons with greater environmental damage. Globally, the rodent infestation and its associated problems produce statistics that are startling, e.g. 1/3rd of the world’s crop is estimated to be lost to rodents; 6-7% of all fires are started by rodent pests gnawing through electrical cables, and diseases they carry and transmit are responsible for many thousands of human deaths annually.

Looking at these increasing problems to public health, ecology and the economy caused by rodents worldwide, I feel there has never been a more urgent need to build a better rattrap/mousetrap. So, hopefully, as the old adage goes, ‘’The world will beat a path to my door’’.
Benefits to our trap technology:

  • Poison free: Great news for the local wild-life, food industry and the poisons resistance issue.
  • Power free: It is actually powered by the rat, so no batteries or electricity is required. Making it much cheaper and almost zero maintenance. Ideal for Third World use.
  • Automatically re-arms itself: The rats exit the trap to die, leaving way for the next.
  • Humane. In relation to other trap methods, because ours kills fast and critically damages the brain, the organ which feels pain, the rats should not unduly suffer.